2nd Global Film Showcase at Cannes Film Festival

Join Producer / Director Jamie Lundy at the 2nd Global Film Showcase at Cannes Film Festival on 20th May 2019 as he discusses:

a) Psychology of Character Bonding with Audiences
b) Emotional Connection to Movies 
c) Practical Effects Vs CGI. Is too much CGI killing movies?
d) Is our audience receiving value for money?
e) Principle Deception the Movie

Tickets are available on the link below. Alternatively send me your details and I'll be able to get you on the guest list. 

"As film makers I believe we have a responsibility to ensure movies and their stories continue to emotionally connect, inspire and inform our audience's delivering a unique experience and value for money. With the ever increasing demand for content on social media platforms, quantity over quality can sometimes leave our audiences feeling short changed"

Jamie Lundy - Producer / Director