Hollywood and Audience

After a recent business trip to West Hollywood, Producer & Director Jamie Lundy confirms experienced Hollywood actors will be joining the cast of Principle Deception. Although he’s still suffering from a gruelling 16 hour journey from LA to Manchester via New York we caught up with Jamie to get the latest.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica

PD: “So your back from your trip to Hollywood. What did you go over for?”

Jamie Lundy: “I went over to meet our Executive Producers and discuss the movie in detail. Andy (Co-Director) and I have a particular way we are shooting this movie and wanted to ensure our producers are fully behind us and agree with our approach. Which they are….Ha!”

PD: “Is the movie going well. Are there any Hollywood Actors Involved?”

Jamie Lundy: “Things are going very well. We have 2 very experienced Executive Producers onboard which I felt was crucial and along with a great story and script, secure some huge Hollywood names”.

PD: “Hollywood names? That’s amazing. Like who?”

Jamie Lundy: “At present I’m not aloud to say, but will be announced at Cannes Film Festival”.

PD: “Oh your going to Cannes! How exciting. Tell us more?”.

Jamie Lundy: “Yes we will be presenting ‘Principle Deception’ to the world and announcing which actors are involved. Its all very exciting stuff!”

PD: “Why is Principle Deception creating such a buzz around Hollywood at the minute?”.

Jamie Lundy: “I wouldn’t say its causing a buzz around Hollywood, but there’s a few people that are buzzing including the actors. Its an exciting story, with action, deception, love etc. We are hoping to connect the audience to the film, not only through the story and characters but through music and visuals. Each character has specific music written for them like Dart Vader or Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. George Lucas did a tremendous job in ensuring sound was just as important as everything else”.

PD: “Is connecting the audience to the movie important to you?”

Jamie Lundy: “Yes, very. Andy and I have had months and months worth of discussions about this and we both believe that an emotional connection is missing from films today. The high end visual effects, although amazing, sometimes lose touch with the audience, especially in a cinema environment. I remember those days when I used to go to the picture house, excited by the atmosphere, smells, sounds, visuals, ice cream before the movie. These days I feel we have lost that and its such a shame. Our job with this movie is to try and reconnect people with beautiful visuals, great story telling, sound etc. Its long overdue”.

PD: “When is the film being shot”.

Jamie Lundy: “Presently we have some dates but still no concrete so I can’t say”.

PD: “Will the film be released into cinemas?”

Jamie Lundy: “I hope so! (Laughs). There is no reason why not. We have a solid story line, great cast, amazing technical staff, so it’ll be up to me and Andy to produce something great”.

PD: “You keep mentioning Andy, is he directing the movie with you?”

Jamie Lundy: “Yes, we work extremely well together and ensure we get the very best from one another. We both get involved in all aspects including the cinematography and directing. Although I must admit Andy’s camera skills are better than mine!”

PD: Ha ha. Why thats?

Jamie Lundy: “He taught me everything I know about photography and cinematography. I have to say that! Hahaha”.

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