Hollywood Great - Joins PD!

When you think of legendary movies like Black Hawk Down, Rambo (2008), Resident Evil or Transformers 2, you think of big budget blockbusters with huge stars and talented actors. You’d be right! One of those huge stars that appears in all the movies mentioned is British born actor Matthew Marsden. Matthew, following a successful spell in British soaps, pursued a career in Hollywood. From Specialist Dale Adonis Sizemore (Black Hawk Down) Slater (Resident Evil) Schoolboy (Rambo: 2008), Captain Graham in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, we have watched in awe, as he followed his dream and took on the might that is Hollywood.


After many years of acting success, Matthew has another itch. Making movies. Yes, he’s now turned his many talents to writing, producing and directing. His new anticipated movie “I Am That Man” gives homage and manages to successfully raise awareness of military personnel struggling with life after war. Matthew stars as the lead role and former Navy Seal John Beckett. Struggling to come to terms with the break-up of his marriage and his reintegration into civilian life, John contemplates returning to what he knows best.

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Matthew not only joins the Principle Deception team as a Producer, but as a highly trained actor and Military advisor. Training with the likes of the United States Army Rangers (prior to filming Black Hawk Down) and the United States Navy SEALS (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) he is a huge asset for PD.

We are extremely excited and proud Matthew has accepted the invite to join Principle Deception.

Blog: Jamie Lundy

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